Final Thesis: A Platform Approach to Productive Games

Abstract: The Master thesis describes a potential start-up called MyProductiveApp which includes three productive games for mobile devices and its future potential application for corporate customers. The first one is a task-navigation related application, the second one is a health related application and the third one is a knowledge related application. The Master thesis covers their definition of the MRD (marketing requirements document) including an executive summary, a business idea description, a market analysis and a corporate plan. Secondly, it covers the PRD (product requirements document), where a functional specification is described. A part of thesis could be later used as an application for the EXIST Founders Scholarship and therefore the outline and its sub-chapters has been accordingly divided.

Keywords: Productive games, platform strategies, Startupinformatik, The AMOS Project

PDFs: Master Thesis, Work Description

Reference: Radek Cervenka. A Platform Approach to Productive Games. Master Thesis, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2014.

Vergabe einmaliger Beihilfen für Bücher aus dem Oskar Karl Forster Stipendium Fond

Die Universität Erlangen – Nürnberg vergibt im Studienjahr 2014/2015 aus dem Oskar Karl Forster Stipendium Fond einmalige Beihilfen für die Anschaffung von Büchern an begabte und bedürftige Studenten/Studentinnen.

Nähere Informationen sowie die Antragsformulare gibt es bei Frau Irmgard Förster.

Halbmondstr. 6
91054 Erlangen
Tel: 09131/85 24075

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Full House for Prof. Zech’s Talk on “Rechte an Daten” (Rights to Data) at Informatik Kolloquium

Today we enjoyed listening to Prof. Herbert Zech of University of Basel talk about “Rechte an Daten“. This talk was part of the computer science department’s colloquium and it was organized by our research group. Prof. Zech spoke to a full house of computer scientists and gently but effectively taught us about current laws and open problems with rights to data. Thank you, Prof. Zech, for teaching us! Below, please find some photo impressions.

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Full House for Christian Nester’s Talk on GMail and Interview Workshop

Today, Christian Nester of Google gave a talk on release management in GMail and held a small workshop for qualified students (from our research group and beyond) on how to successfully interview with Google. Below, please find some photo impressions from the talk and the workshop. Thank you, Christian, for teaching us!

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Final Thesis: A Notification Service for an Open Data Service

Abstract: The Open Data Service developed at the professorship allows clients to query and fetch numerous open data sources without having to write custom adapters first. While being able to access large quantities of data in itself is already an accomplishment, clients often wish to perform complex and potentially long running analysis on this data, which becomes difficult in cases where client software is running on mobile devices due to hardware limitations. The notification service as designed and implemented in this thesis outsources the computationally intensive task of actually running the analysis to an external service, by accepting so called “rules” from clients that describe a set of conditions that should be met before sending out a notification. To better demonstrate and evaluate the powers of this notification service the Android application Pegel Alarm was developed, that supports people living in Germany in times of potential flooding by enabling them to define alarms that trigger whenever water levels of rivers have risen above critical values.

Keywords: Complex event processing, CEP, open data service, ODS, Android app, pegel alarm

PDFs: Bachelor Thesis, Work Description

Reference: Philipp Eichhorn. A Notification Service for an Open Data Service. Bachelor Thesis, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: 2014.

The EMEA Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

Google writes us about a scholarship they are sponsoring for qualified female computer science (and related fields) students. If you are female, intend to or are enrolled in a Bachelor or Master program in computer science at FAU and will still be around during the academic year 2015/16, please take a look at the Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship.

Open Access Week @FAU Presentations

The open access week at FAU started yesterday, informing researchers and interested parties about the ways of open access publishing. I’m stuck with teaching and administrative matters, so I sadly couldn’t attend the opening talk by Mr Putnings; thankfully, they sent the slides around. While no license was given for the slides, I trust they don’t object to us making the slides available here. Take a look! It is a good overview of open access publishing and particularly helpful to anyone working at FAU.

Veranstaltungen am Wetterkreuz 13 – Parkplatznot

Liebe Besucher der beiden Seminarräume 06 und 07 in Tennenlohe, Am Wetterkreuz 13,

die temporäre Verlegung an diesen Ort konnte stattfinden, da wir Büro- und Seminarräume angemietet haben. Dies gilt leider nicht für die Parkplätze rund um das Gebäude. Da die Parkplatznot zum Wildparken verleitet, müssen wir darauf hinweisen, dass ab nächster Woche Falschparker von den betroffenen Firmen kostenpflichtig abgeschleppt werden.

Es erreichte uns die folgende Email:

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Einladung zum 5-Euro-Business-Wettbewerb und zum Gründercafe

Aus der Gründerberatung der FAU erreichte uns folgende Email mit zwei interessanten Angeboten:

Liebe Studierende!

Wenn ihr Interesse an Startups habt oder euch gerne selbst einmal praktisch unternehmerisch ausprobieren möchtet, haben wir zwei spannende Angebote für euch.

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Microphone Advice for Online Classes

In our last ‘Nailing Your Thesis’ (NYT) class there were problems with the audio for remote participants. Michael Gräve, who supports Multimedia and E-Learning at the university, has sent us some advice on Adobe Connect and online participation:

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